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Furniture & Decor Articles 2014
Bath And Kitchen Remodeling

Bath and kitchen remodeling is a simple way to modernize your home and add value to it at the same time. There are issues of plumbing and electrical appliances that most people don't want to mess around with. They also don't want these two rooms out of action for any length of time as they are the hub of most family homes. Many people are also limited by budget as to what they can spend on renovation. The reality is that giving the bath or kitchen a new face look doesn't have to cost too much money if you replace the cabinets or touch up the existing furniture.

Despite the white goods and toilet and sink, the cabinets give these rooms their look. By refinishing or updating your cabinets you can update the look of the bath and kitchen for less money. You have two options. You can either update the existing cabinets or you can replace them.

Updating the cabinets with a lick of paint is by far the cheapest and easiest option. It may not change your kitchen or bathroom radically but a new color scheme can really freshen up the room. Before you start painting cabinets check your them carefully. Make sure that any problems that have probably been bugging your for ages can be solved. Ensure gaps between the cabinetry and the wall are addressed or doors that do not hang properly and drawers that do not open easily will not continue to be an issue. Then proceed to sand down the cabinets and refinish then with a new color or even a natural wood look.

There are many ways to breath new life into your bath and kitchen furniture. If your cabinets are greasy or dirty, bleaching may be the first step in giving those worn cabinets a new look. A solution of bleach, linseed oil and boiling water will thoroughly clean your cabinets and brighten up their appearance. If bleaching is not sufficient then you can strip the old paint and apply a new finish or paint scheme. If you like a natural wood color or wood grain to give the cabinet texture then you can sand down the cabinets and stain or vanish the wood. If you prefer a whole new look, select a paint color that will coordinate with the rest of your home d├ęcor. You can use alternative painting techniques that give the cabinets more depth and texture.

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